– Karen Cardona

When I decided to take Sex, Gender and Society I had thought of it as it GWS requirement but nothing much. As my first sociology class I didn’t think it would challenge me the way it did, I though much of the stuff that we would cover I would of already seen. I was wrong, this class showed me so many interesting topics that I had never seen in my life. It opened my eyes and it allowed me to within myself, speak up. A huge example of this was when we spoke about the Hook-Up culture, I had taken the time to speak about this with friends but I had never taken the time to discuss this in a classroom setting. I had always seen or pictured the hookup scene as something that was acceptable to speak in a classroom setting; I thought I simply had to deal with it. This when I learned that much of the rape culture at Connecticut College takes place during Saturday night Cro dances, I thought that most people simply welcomed this hook up culture so I felt unsafe ever discussing these topics.

This class has provided me with the opportunity to speak about these issues with individuals that feel passionate about ending unhealthy hookup culture at Connecticut College. The other part of the class that I found extremely rewarding was the blogs the we posted weekly, I loved the fact that we got to comment on each others because this truly allowed us to understand our classmates points of view and for those who often times become shy to speak in public (myself) to be able to express their opinions. I love that the blog post allowed us to connect the readings to our personal lives, this not only allowed me to learn from the reading but to over all learn about myself. It allowed me to build connections with classmates, to be able to find things in common with one another from our childhood to our everyday lived today as college students.

I really liked the fact that we really discussed the issues and problems that man go through, I feel like at times we see discrimination against women but completely forget about the issues that men experience and the large expectations that they endure throughout life. Overall I loved our group projects, it allowed me to work together with classmates I had never spoken to and overall combine our ideas to create a project. The group projects were amazing; so many people on campus were talking about them and constantly kept asking us more and more about the course. Our class became well known campus wide meaning that people on our campus were FINALLY talking about important issues and looking for ways to get involved. Overall our group projects became a representation of our campus culture, the way our campus community decided to help us out was truly amazing.


Overall I want to thank you Professor Jafar for being such an outstanding and amazing professor. Your passion for gender based issues and sociology truly kept me interested throughout the semester. It is so hard to find such excellent professors as yourself, professors who care about the knowledge that students obtain instead of how well they can take a test. It has been an absolute privilege to learn from you and I cannot wait to take another class with you.

Thank you so much J


(P.S you are not a mean screamer like that evaluation accused you, you are great!)


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