Sex, Gender and Society

Similar to Zoe, I decided to take two sociology classes this semester in hopes of cementing my love for Sociology. Halfway through Sex, Gender and Society I knew that I wanted to major in Sociology. I am a type of person that needs answers to everything. Something can’t simply happen just because it happens, there have to be reasons behind it. Sociology provides that outlet for me and I truly appreciate it. This particular class focused on sex and gender, two fields that I am very interested in. Along with this class I took His 242, History of Women. Together, these classes helped me understand why current situations are what they are and the past history that led us to the current predicaments. Of course, it helped that Jafar was teaching the course because her enthusiasm made it a pleasure to come to class each Wednesday and Friday morning.


I specifically enjoyed participating in the group project because each group was able to contribute a unique set of data that can be studied and learned from. It is important to have such studies, more frequently, in an enclosed college campus in order for everyone to learn about their surroundings. Aside from that, I learned a great deal about conducting an experiment and controlling the variables within it. I know it was a very basic survey, however I would love to learn how to take the data from each study and ultimately create an empirical article that includes an abstract, methods, results, etc.


The class itself required us to read a set of articles prior to the first meeting of each week and either post a blog post or comment on a couple. I loved the layout of the class because it forced me to get ahead of my work on the weekends and it gave me time to absorb all of the topics that we touch on during the week. Almost every class was a discussion topic during lunch or dinner. I appreciated the articles that were picked for the class because I was able to apply each one, however I am interested in reading more Kimmel and similar author’s. Maybe it would be nice to have the class purchase the entire book; I know it’s one I would keep for future analysis.


Finally, I want to thank professor Jafar as well as everyone who participated in each discussion during the semester. Through your thoughts I was able to learn more than any textbook could teach me alone. I look forward to more similar classes in the near future! Have a great summer break everyone!

Haris Kuljancic


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