Final Reflection

Jihmmy N. Sanchez

My favorite part of the class has to be tied between the post and the in class discussion. The blog post were a bit intimidating at the beginning of the semester because it was a new concept. After the first couple of weeks I started to get the hang of it, the posts were also a good way to see different perspectives of the readings because if we were not writing blog post we were reading multiple blog posts in order to post comments. The blog posts also supplemented the in class discussion which prevented awkward silences in the class (which there rarely are because our class was awesome).  The blog was also used to share different sources of media, which was also an interesting part about the class. The blog was not only limited to the blog posts, but was a way to share articles and videos that pertained to the class. More often than not what ever was posted on the blog was discussed if not touched upon during the class, which encouraged me (and I’m assuming my classmates as well) to connect everything that was going in my life outside of class to the topics discussed in class. 

The group project was also a very cool part about the class, the end projects for all of the groups were very interesting to see. Our Urban Dictionary project which focused on the hook up culture really fascinated me as we were coding and got a chance to read the responses that students gave. The coolest part about the projects was that the information collected from the group projects could potentially be used for future freshman orientation seminars on drinking and hook up culture here. As I mentioned in my individual write up for the class, the best part about the project was getting to work with students I would not have interacted with otherwise. 

My favorite sections of the class were the sexuality and the family section of the class. Kimmel’s hooking up in Guyland along with At least I’m not gay were my favorite readings from the sexuality section; the first because of the correlation with my group project and the aspects of the hook up culture in terms of alcohol and the importance it plays in both guyland and in hook up culture not just in guyland but in college culture in general. The latter reading, which discussed gender policing amongst urban youth, opened my eyes to gender policing, which before reading that article I had little to know knowledge about. 


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