Class Reflection

Gina Pol

My favorite part of the class has to be the discussions that we have in class! I love how the discussion we have are not only limited to the readings we are assigned, but articles, clips, news, and even personal experiences that we feel can contribute to the topic. The blog post was also a wonderful way to begin a discussion online and gave us the ability to go in depth on the topic in class. I know many friends who have done Moodle posts and dread it very much, but I do not feel that way about the blog post at all. Since the structure of the blog post is more informal, it puts us at ease with our posts and gives us opportunities to share other information that relates to the topic. I enjoyed all the readings we had and the blog posts are always fun to read as well.

After taking this class, I go through my life thinking about gender much more than I have had in the past. Most of the readings we had have given me a great deal of knowledge on the prevalence of sex and gender in our society. I also liked how some of readings consisted of the intersectionality of race and gender. Although it becomes more complex with these intersections, it was great that they were incorporated in our readings. I honestly am unable to choose my favorite section in the class because I loved all the topics we discussed.

Another part of the class that I liked was our group project assignments. I like how we were given the chance to go into detail on a topic we found interesting. I have not taken many sociology classes that have given me the opportunity to conduct a mini study, so I was fascinated that we were able to do that for this class. For those who incorporated the college community in their project, it was great to bring in Conn students into our projects and let them learn more about the class and our projects. I also liked the idea you proposed in regards to a year long course with the combination of Sex, Gender, Society (or possibly another subject) and Research Methodology. I think it is an absolutely brilliant idea because it would allow students to learn about research methodology by being involved in research themselves. I really hope that would be possible!

Lastly, I am very glad that I took this class because it grew into being one of my favorite classes this semester. I look forward to taking a class in the future with Professor Jafar because I know I will not be disappointed. Thank you Professor Jafar and my wonderful classmates for an amazing class!


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