Final Reflection

Honestly speaking, Sex, Gender and Society has been one of my ALL-TIME-FAVORITE sociology courses thus far. I definitely learned a lot about myself, while also learning about societal norms related to sensitive topics that our society is too embarrassed to talk about. First off, I never truly realized how interested I was in gender issues or the fact that I could potentially be a so-called feminist until taking this class. EVERYTHING about this course was beyond phenomenal. The professor, the students, the structure… EVERYTHING! If all my courses were structured identically to this one, college learning would be so much better, fun, and worthwhile.

Like Gracie, I really enjoyed the open ended assignments as well. You gave us the chance to take control of our learning, whether it was through a blog, our own research papers, our group project, or off each other during class discussions.

Above all that, I really, really, really enjoyed the group project component of the course. I’m really glad it all worked out well because I honestly believe each group produced amazing projects, despite the shortcomings some of us experienced throughout the way. I really had a fun time working with Alia, Olivia and Grace. Our group cooperation and teamwork was impressive. I’m glad I can call y’all my friends, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us, especially you, Alia. I wish you the best! I can’t wait to start hearing your name everywhere I go.

Jafar, I honestly don’t think you’re as bad as that one student claimed you to be on that evaluation form. You’re not bad at all. I wish to be as great of a sociologist like you. I appreciate your passion for sociology. I appreciate your passion for gender issues. You allowed me to see beyond what others define as “ordinary.” I can’t wait to take a couple of more courses with you. You’re one of the many reasons why I’m glad to be a Sociology major. You sure know how to inspire your students. Thank you for everything. It was a pleasure to learn from you and the rest of my classmates.


Luis Ramos



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