Course Reflection

Carly Ozarowski

I really enjoyed my time in Gender, Sex, and Society. This is my 4th Sociology class and I liked the structure of this class. I enjoyed doing the readings and having the blog posts every other week. I liked having my reading and work done for the week by Tuesday. I also believe having the blog posts ensured a more thorough analysis of the reading because you had to think about it before you showed up to class. You couldn’t just read, with the post we were able to have students come in with thoughts already in mind and viewed by the other students. I also liked doing the comments for blog posts as well. I think the only think that could be different were maybe having the posts due Monday night so it gave commenter’s more time to complete their part. I thought the topics we covered were interesting and pertinent to the class topic. My favorite section of the class was the “hook up” readings and discussions. I thought this section was very interesting because they were very relatable/ could very easily be superimposed onto our campus. It was clear the themes we saw in these readings resonated in our classes mind and made them think about our own college campus.

In terms of the group project I really liked this opportunity to pick our own topics and create whatever type of format we wanted to present and show our findings. In my three sociology classes (excluding intro). I have done large group projects like this before. In one of my previous classes we were not given enough freedom to come up with how our information will be presented or in what medium. I thought that our class had a wide range of topics and formats. I think everyone in the class felt invested in other groups projects, this was seen in the discussions after and the participation in the actual projects as well. I know for my group I was really interested in our topic. I was in the group that created the word clouds for the “hook up” culture terms. From the beginning of the project I think hook up culture was always our focus and something we were most interested in. Like I stated above hook up culture, at least to me, is so interesting. There are so many ideas, theories, stereotypes, social stigmas behind it. This topic also is very interesting because I am able to observe and  watch it on a daily basis here at Conn. This topic was one of the easiest to put into context, I also found these readings very interesting. Even though in this class I had done some of the readings for intro or other sociology classes, it was able to give me a new context and see things I had not seen the first time reading them.

Overall I really enjoyed this class. I know we have discussed this in class before but I think it there were some way to combine this class with methods that would be very interesting and help us make our group projects more meaningful and accurate. I liked that this class had a sense of community to it. I believe people felt comfortable to share their thoughts and ideas. I think the blog really helped our class as well. I liked that people were able to post articles, videos, and any other sociology related items they wanted. Thank you.


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