Course Reflection

Brittany Juliano

Sex, Gender and Society has officially taken over my life (or at least the rest of my courses this semester). Aside from writing my research paper for this class, I have turned my Romanticism I English paper into a discussion of gender binaries, my Families and Lifestyle portfolio into an analysis of the perpetuated gender roles within family today, and my Canterbury Tales paper into a critical look at Chaucer’s misogynistic writing. Now that the course is over, I do not know what to do with myself. I suppose there is a reason that I am a Sociology major, because I thoroughly enjoyed this class enough to incorporate it into the rest of my finals. There were several topics of conversation during the semester that really caught my attention, but ultimately, I found everything in the readings, on the blog and in class discussion to be engaging beyond my expectations.

My favorite element of the class was the way that assignments were structured. Two readings at the beginning of the week along with responses to those readings allowed me to get ahead with my work for the class, so that I was always caught up to the class discussions. In addition to this, the blog functioned really well as a way to start conversation before class even began. Regardless of the required posts or current class topic, the added ability to share findings at any time broadened the scope of the class as a whole. One result of this was my discovery of sociological images from The Society Pages, which I came across looking for something to post to the blog. I now have this bookmarked on my web browser in between Pinterest and Hulu—that’s how much I refer back to it. Along with the weekly blogging and reading schedule, the due dates for our research paper were extremely helpful in moving my studies along. Only now as I am writing my final paper did I realize that the full outline makes life much, much easier. Similarly, the in-class check-ins for the group project were helpful to get feedback from peers or open discussion for new ideas. The result of the group projects was more than I had expected them to be at the beginning of the semester. When the assignment was introduced, I imagined doing some research and putting together a group presentation, but what the projects turned into was much more interesting. By involving the Conn community through posters and videos, each group accomplished more than taking charge of their own learning, they taught others as well. Hearing the reaction from people around campus was incredibly exciting, because I was honestly surprised that they paid attention. I had so many comments from people asking about the different projects, and I was even more excited that I could tell them it was mine, or that it created by the peers in this class.

To close I would like to echo what a lot of other people have said about this class, that I am certainly more critical of sex, gender and society. I enjoy being more aware of what is around me, or what I am consuming through media—it is empowering. Admittedly it is also frustrating. Arguments with the men in my family have slightly increased, and they probably do not appreciate that, but I now feel like I am educated enough in the subject matter that I can more intelligently tell them off when they say offensive and misogynistic things.

Thank you, everyone, for an amazing semester!

Here is another one from The Society Pages!



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