Review of Sex, Gender, and Society

Bianca Scofield


I thought really all the issues that were examined in our Sex, Gender, and Society course were really important to understanding how society and the world works. With Intro to Sociology and this course I have become extremely more aware of media representations of gender and how people act and speak when they are trying to fit into their designated gender identity. I have also become even more conscious of issues of race and sexuality. I find myself getting into heated discussions with my parents, siblings, and friends about issues of gender. Over spring break my mom said to my dad that he was “acting like a girl” when he was whining about something! I lectured her for about 45 minutes how detrimental to say that is to the image of women. Even though my mother is a feminist, she did not see how calling my father a girl when he was whining attributes all negative characteristics to women. I think the biggest reward for taking this class was that I am now able to make an educated case for all minorities. The knowledge I gained from this class I can use to educate others of gender and racial inequality.

I found every topic we discussed extremely prevalent to today’s society as well as the social scene at colleges such as Conn. As we saw in the group projects, those topics that directing affected the college scene were generally the topics that we were more interested to talk about because we had more first hand experience with them. The group projects that were mostly investigations of media’s portrayal of gender, the hookup scene, and insulting comments that nearly everyone faces because of either gender, race, or sexuality (or a combination).

At first I thought the assignment of weekly blog posts along with a research paper and group project seemed very daunting. However, as the semester progressed, I found it easier and easier to complete all the assignments, because I enjoyed discussing them. Most topics were not exactly what the majority of society would be comfortable with society (mostly because Americans like to believe there is noting seriously wrong with how our society functions) but I found each topic to be invigorating and needed to be discussed. I also really enjoyed the group project. I thought it was a fantastic way to get the rest of the campus involved and critically thinking about gender issues in our society. And the research project gives us a chance to research and examine topics that were not necessarily discussed in class.

I also really enjoyed being responsible for my own education. I think that every student was responsible for doing to reading and blog posts on his or her own. A student only got as much out of the class as they put into it. In this way I felt as if I was working and learning for the sake of learning rather than merely to earn a good grade. Because of this I feel like I put in even more of an effort into reading the articles and chapters. It was ultimately and completely up to me to learn the information for me rather than for a test. I think this form of education is the more effective for college students.

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