Race, Class and Hooking Up

Kimmel had a tiny paragraph on how race is a factor in hooking up, and students of color tend to hook up less. This article goes into more detail.




One thought on “Race, Class and Hooking Up

  1. AHHH! I was just about to post this. I loved this article and thought it elaborated on everything that Karen talked about in class. It also did a beautiful job of extending the conversation on socio-economic status and the correlation between race, class and the limitations of hook up culture. I never even considered that black fraternities are less likely to have houses due to economic inequality… Furthermore, the point that Wade made of how “in general, black students are more strongly in favor of gender equality and drink less alcohol than whites. Neither of these facts facilitate hookup scripts.” also attests to what Karen talked about – how students of color are much less likely to participate in the hook up culture, but Wade emphasizes how this is due to positive reasons (in my opinion).

    Yay this article. I loved it.


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