The Epitome of “Teaching”/Forcing Gender.

Well, this is really upsetting.. “8-year-old Sunnie Kahle doesn’t look or act enough like a girl for her private Christian school. At least not according to the school’s principal, who sent a letter home alerting Sunnie’s great-grandparents (and legal guardians) that Sunnie was in danger of being refused enrollment for next year — unless, of course, she cleans up her act and embraces a more conventionally feminine style.”

Apparently her “tomboy” looks aren’t “biblical” enough.



One thought on “The Epitome of “Teaching”/Forcing Gender.

  1. This school,as the article states, is in the area around Lynchburg–about 2 hours away from my hometown–about as close as anything is to my hometown. But if the word “lynch” as a part of the name of the city doesn’t scare you enough, the University that is largely associated with Lynchburg is Liberty University–one of the most conservative Christian and well attended universities in the country. If you look it up, you’ll find all sorts of stuff about how it promotes very strict gender binarism. Here’s an article which doesn’t talk about gender but gives a little bit of a picture of about some of the weird policies at Liberty:


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