One thought on “Replacement of Women in Ads

  1. I just saw this on buzzfeed and went to post it to this site as well. These comparisons reminded me a lot of the music video “Bound 2” that came out in the fall. If you haven’t seen it, this video featured Kanye West riding a motorcycle and Kim Kardashian riding naked on top of him. To me, this video is the epitome of female objectification and voyeurism that entirely strips females of their own agency. Only a few days later, James Franco and Seth Rogen created an identical video. Although it was meant to be a spoof, they carefully mimicked the original. Similarly to the buzzfeed clips replacing the women with men, this switch illustrated the ridiculousness of the actions and positions women are expected to do as well as the absurd double-standards and gendered roles we place on women. As soon as we replace stereotypical and seductive women’s roles and images with men, people begin to see the patriarchal and sexist box in which women are confined.

    Here is a link to both videos side-by-side in case you want to check it out for yourselves:

    (Sophie Sharps)

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