Violence in Men And Sexuality in Women

Haris Kuljancic

          Though Guise 2 and Dreamworlds 3 were two videos that showed me how truly difficult it is for both men and women to grow up and live in societies today. On one hand, Katz showed us how violence was such a central theme in a males life, while on the other hand, something very prevalent, such as music videos, use women’s bodies as props for sex, possession, and violence. Although I know that these two videos are discussing different genders, they are also linked intricately. What I mean by that is, one norm encourages the other.

            Men usually tend to be the producers for the over sexualized music videos that we saw in Dreamworlds 3. These men provide an image of women that is seen by millions of people that vary in age and gender. The women that see these videos tend to be disgusted by them, however men begin to expect this of women. They tend to expect an unrealistic appearance as well as unrealistic emotions in women. Women typically would like to please their husband, boyfriend, crush, etc. and reform to what they see in these videos.

            On the other hand, females that are very attractive and look like those that people see on music videos now have expectations to be with a true man. That’s where Katz comes into play with Tough Guise 2. A man is pressured into taking things into his own hands. A man is strong and violent. If a guy doesn’t meet these criteria, the attractive females that he seeks won’t be attracted to him. Thus, this ends up being a never-ending cycle for one to conform to the other and to expect the same over and over again.

            I was also given many weird looks as I watched Dreamworlds 3 in the library, and I tended to look away or pretend I was being studious as people walked by so they wouldn’t think I was watching this for fun. This made me think also because I enjoyed listening to rap and hip-hop. I personally never really read into the videos too much and instead enjoyed the beats and respected rappers such as Eminem and Lil Wayne because of the composition of the song itself and not the meaning.

            Tough Guise 2 was very interesting because the events that were talked about were very recent. I especially remembered hearing about the violence in video games and movies because I also like playing the occasional first person shooter game. I know a lot of people who hate watching things that are bloody or gory. But, I feel like that a small amount of that is necessary as a person because of the amount of that there is in our everyday life. Movies like Saving Private Ryan are my favorite because they bring me out of this protected bubble that we live in and show what people go through every day. At the same time, I do not support games like Grand Theft Auto that have violence and sexual harassment inputted as an exhibition option. 


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