Tough Guise 2, Dreamworld 3

Jihmmy N. Sanchez

Dreamworld 3 and Tough Guise 2

                    In Dreamworld 3 the focus of the documentary was on the exploitation and de-personalization of women in music videos. The film showed how the trend of showing women dressed (or barely dressed) in skimpy clothes has become very popular in music videos of all genres of music. I found this very interesting because I have only seen music videos related to hip-hop and rap, the one genre that is notoriously known to feature a lot of women, cash, cars, and drug use. Little did I know that this was also common in rock, pop, and even country music videos? The film shows older videos from the 80’s and 90’s like those of Kid Rock, Aerosmith, and The Rolling Stones. Even in those videos there were women who were barely dressed or dressed in bikinis. The film also focused on MTV and MTV2, but what caught my attention the most was that there was no mention of MTV Tr3s, which is their Spanish channel. Nowadays a lot of Spanish artists of all genre of music also idealize American music videos and often imitate the flashy male driven lifestyles. Spanish genres of music like traditional Mexican, pop, cumbia, and banda genres of music all have expensive cars, women clad in bikinis, and lots of flashy jewelry and money in their music videos. Although this is something that has happened recently, due to the fact that these artists live in the U.S and are influenced by American artists. In older days when a lot of the popular Latin groups were from Mexico or other countries of central and South America music videos focused on the groups performing rather than a luxurious lifestyle. Below I have two different music videos, both music videos are from Spanish artists or groups. The first one Tu Carcel (Your Jail) by Los Bukis  is a music video shot in the 80’s the second is a music video by El Coyote y Su Banda Tierra Santa. The differences are very noticeable.

                  Tough Guise 2 talks about the consequences of modern manhood. The film focuses on the idea of manhood and what it means to be a “man” in today’s culture. The film takes the idea back about fifty or sixty years especially in the film, and music industry. From the films of John Wayne, the ideal man to Clint Eastwood the idea that the typical man has to be aggressive, emotionless, and tough. That if the man does not abide by these rules of man hood then they will be called a “pussy, wus, or a faggot”. Katz mentions that although the idea of manhood has increased it seems to the public that the U.S has become a lot more feminine even though violence, aggression, and anger has increased a lot in the media. Katz also mentions on his research and counseling that he provides to collegiate athletes, youth groups, and even to high school letters, that when they are given emotional support and a place where they can express themselves freely they often express their discomfort with the cultural ideals of manhood. 




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